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Established in 1979, the Hookside Kennel can boast some of the top accolades in both showing and working fields. This includes International Champion Hookside Csaba (left), Champion Fandango in the sun at Hookside (bottom left), Ch Hookside Braid (right) and Hookside Albi (bottom right)
The Hookside Philosophy has always been to breed the best looking, working Hungarian Vizslas that are true to type and conform to the breed standard and those tasks for which the Vizsla was originally bred.To be able to work all day a Vizsla has to have the correct bones, angulations and muscular structure.
To be able to carry a goose or a dead fox it has to have substance and strength. To swim for hours it needs stamina and balance. I have been mindful of breeding only from specimens who are healthy and, to the best of my knowledge, carry no genetically carried faults or diseases.

Movement is the most important indicator to correct construction and Hookside have always had the reputation for breeding the best moving dogs. Knowledge and experience has been sought from Hungary , America and Scandinavia and have strived to improve hereditary defects in construction and faults in conformation by extending my gene pool with representative specimens from Hungary and America .